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10 Bubblers Contest on Smokewire Headshop

Yes guys and gals we will give away 10 nice 6 inch silver fumed bubblers to 10 winners :)

water bubbler

How to participate in our contest? Easy:

Submit your stoned story and wait before the story is approved by our moderator – every single story will be read by our staff, we will not apporve spam, please have that in mind. Once your story is approved collect at least 50 FB likes, twitts or G+… that should be easy guys :) just share your story among your friends and win this great water bubbler.

Once you collect 50 likes, tweets or g+ claim your item on our FB fan page with the link to your stoned story.

The contest will last until the last bubbler is shipped. So all depends on you  :)

Good luck to all and happy sharing!

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  • Cory Smith

    Okay so this is my stoned story me and a couple other buddies were sitting around and one of them pulls out this smoking piece I haven’t ever seen before it was a bubbler(but nothing like the one shown) it was oval shaped with a huge bowl coming out of the end of the oval and this thing was just wow blew my mind!!! He told us it was from India!? This is where the woooahhhhs and the damns came up….everybody was shocked and felt privileged to smoke out of this, he put very little water and filled the rest of the oval with shaved ice and filled it up! Let me tell you…..we passed it around and it got to me I hit it…… looked like it was filled with milk!xD he never told me take small hits…I didn’t I took a huge rip and literally started shaking and I sit there with a dead stare, bubbler still in my hand just eyes were gray (my buddies told me this)like my soul escaped from my body and wouldn’t come back until I came down my body was stuck there I didn’t move or do anything but breath I mean there was an occasional slouch or sniffle but i was glued to that spot…..don’t remember anything after that hit and I wish I would of because they said I was literally a vegetable and they were all fine, and I’m not a lightweight but I give that bubbler an A++ because it was just an experience that I wish everybody could of exprienced…

  • Tyler DeLancey

    When I was in college myself and three friends went for a drive through Kent,Oh. My lady friend was driving I was in the passenger seat and my two buddys were in the back seat. Once we got close to the suburbs I popped the lid off the center consoul and proceeded to break up my entire oz while my two buddys also broke up what weed they had. I rolled four blunts three joints and packed two bowls. We started each with a blunt. We had been driving for an hour, hour and a half maybe and by this time we were outside the city and suburbs. I noticed one of my friends was asleep so my friend driving swerved the car a little to see if he would wake up and he didnt, he was out cold lol it was probably about 3 in the morning so there was no traffic at all, just us blunt cruisin down the back roads. I told the driver that we should fuck with my sleeping friend so when we were all hangin on she hit the breaks making his face hit the back of my seat, he woke up screaming like a little girl and proceeded to flip the fuck out. after we got him calmed down and had him hit a couple joints he told us that when he was wakend abruptly with his face in my seat he thought we were gonna be in a car crash, mind you were on a back road with no traffic just cruisin about 35 no houses no lights of any kind nothing but us and the woods. We proceeded to bust his balls about screaming like a little girl and the only explination he gave us as to why he screamed was that when he hit my seat he opened his eyes and saw a huge purple semi truck with lots of lights coming right at us. So after we explained that there was in fact no semi or vehicles of any kind for that matter he calmed down and we continued our cruise and continued to smoke. we drove for an hour or so more turned around and headed back to kent. On the way back my other friend who was sitting behind the driver revealed he still had almost an oz of weed himself so we rolled more blunts and packed the bowls..the blunts were smoked and the bowls were cashed before we reached the suburbs, the highway seemed to be never ending but we were so stoned no one gave a shit we were rockin out to Led Zeppelin havin a bad ass time when I realized that there were way too many cars on the road for us to be in Kent because it was the early hours of the morning kent should have been a ghost town. we kept driving and I was looking for my dormatory so I could tell the driver where to turn but I never saw it, instead I saw a toll booth the read Pennsylvania Turn Pike, we all said ” what the fuck?!?”  in disbeliefe we couldnt turn around so we paid the toll and kept goin until we found a spot to turn around. We laughed our asses off the entire hour or so drive back to the city because we were all so stoned that we drove right through kent and didnt even notice it

  • Julien Martin

    so i was burning a bowl one day with a few friends, we where incredibly high to the point that we smoked a bowl and the bowl gave us scoobie snacks and i said “this is bowl shit” and then we all realized it was funny cuz bowl shit means the kashed bowl that got in our mouths.

  • Amanda Enriquez

    There was a time when I received a gram of some organic Bubba Kush from WV, as a trade for a tip I helped my pizza driver get. I was the cook, it was a $90 tip! You could smell this phat dense bud no matter what you put it in. It was sweetest’s day. I came home and all my girl could say was “daammmnnnnn I smelt you walk in the door! What is it and where did it come from?” “It was a tip from one of my drivers, what’s on our errands list today?” We had a ton of shit to do. I twisted it in a fresh Swisher Sweet’s rello. I haven’t been that couch locked in 12 years!!! My girl was so blown she was like “I see my I lashes” I knew we needed to get out ish done, but it was so hard to get up and go. Best damn bud I have had in years. Never crossed it’s path again. Fingers crossed and heres hoping!

  • Talon Stadtfeld

    I was in Colorado the day they legalized marijuana for recreational use, not knowing this was going on at the time, I just did the normal things that consists of my day. It was about eight o’clock when I heard about it so I had to get some weed immediately. I called some friends and at about nine thirty we had a celebratory bong bash. With a quarter pound I was willing to match anybody, but one of my friends had a suitcase full of green crack, and afghan goo/ kush, mixed together and sealed perfectly. Between 9 people we smoked six ounces that great night.

  • Owen Parker

    it was my first time getting stoned and we went to the fair and we went on this ride that makes you go upside down, well while we were upside down the pipe and the bud came out of my friends pockets and were flying around in the cage with us and we were trying to grab it so they didnt fall out of the cage and the pipe went threw the cage and landed on a little 5 foot strip of grass and didnt break (:

  • chandler roberts

    I had just smoked out of my friends gravity bong and we had gotten, very umm “medicated” and i realized i had to go to a rehearsal for a play i was in. As i arrived early i took the fifteen minutes i had before rehearsal to play minecraft on my buddys phone that he gave me to play on because he could see how stoned i was. I played minecraft one his phone for an hour before i realized rehearsal started, being as stoned as i was i did not get up and i played minecraft one his phone for a total of 3 hours….his phone died and i died laughing.

    the end

  • Kelvin Tama

    The way we smoke and having session together when we are younger in Australia is quite ghetto than you might think, My story begun when I first started my journey into the beauty of cannabis, So in this morning of a particular day, my two good mates invited me out to go shopping at our local supermarket, little did I know, they were trying to get me my first hit from their homemade bong, constructed with just Powerade bottle, pipe and cone piece, after some discussions, I agreed to follow them to the back of public toilet to have the hits, As I took the multiple small hits in, ended up with couple coughs and it was all good, Some how I kept on convincing myself and them that I wasn’t affected or high at all, but everyone knew, truly magical and surreal that day was! Here I’m this day still enjoy all the benefits of cannabis have to offer and educate myself more about it.

  • Anonymous

    So when I was like 17 me and my buddy Mike climbed one of the local water towers. It was late, we had been drinking, and we were friggin ninjas. We hopped a fence, climbed about 50 feet up on an electrical conduit (ninja stairs), and walked a 1 foot “I” beam about forty feet to the next leg which had a ladder. After at least a hundred feet of climbing the ladder we came up to the catwalk, took a look, and headed for the top. We sat next to the giant blinking red light, and smoked a victory bowl. Well as Mike cashed the bowl on the tower, to us it sounded like “tink, tink, tink,”. But as it traveled down the tower legs the neighbors said it sounded like a gong. So they naturally called the police who announced themselves with helicopters, searchlights, and megaphones. Realizing we will have better luck if these dudes don’t have to come up here after us, we came right down and got arrested. It was still totally worth it, I’m 32 and thats one of a hundred I could tell.

  • Zythros Pint

    Alright so me and my buddy Ryan go to college for welding, and well the smoking spot for all the maintenance workers is right behind the welding shop and all the fumes cover up any hardcore dank smell so you know I was always high because there was always at least one dude no matter what that was like man I got some grade A bud you wanna go for a smoke? hell yeah, but my buddy he takes his welding a lot more serious while im getting high he’s crapping his pants in frustration because he won’t let himself smoke because A) We are on College Campus B) He would cry if he got taken off the deans list and C) He wouldn’t dare risk it which as I understand is perfectly good reasoning for not smoking but that didn’t stop me from being a dick about it and rubbing it in his face.. oohh man that shit was sooo good I know you asked me to save a little bit but I ended up smoking it all, sorry man. Haha so this has him all pissed but he doesn’t know I saved quite a bit so we drive on over to his sisters house I pull out the baggie he basically craps himself again out of sheer surprise and joy, but since he is still mad and im going Cheech and Chong behind the welding shop on a daily basis while he hangs his head low in frustration, he challenges me to a get fucked-up-athon as I don’t want to be a pussy (pull a ryan) I accept without any care as to the consequence later I just know that theres no way I can back down and I don’t plan on it.. competitive spirit and all that.. so he whips out his sisters Vodka stash grabs a big ass nug out of the bag and stuffs it in his mouth and then fills up his mouth with straight vodka manages to get it down but mind you he has tears flowing down his face once its over and then he says now you bitch. Aww shit I knew we hadn’t eaten anything in the last 4 hours so we had empty stomachs and I had been reading to him off my phone how THC is alcohol soluble and how you can make Green Dragon with everclear if you just let the weed sit in it. Mind you I had no idea if this crazy shit would even work as I had never done anything like this only read about it but I took out a fat nug anyway stuck it in my mouth chewed a bit and took a shot of vodka.. i almost threw up right then and there the weed got lodged in my throat and the vodka wasn’t exactly helping washing it down.. it took forever to get down with tears also running down my eyes I finally completed the challenge.. then he challenged me to a few straight shots of vodka but I declined as I was driving ( we road together whenever we could to save on gas since we lived a good ways from the college) so he gets good and drunk im buzzing my ass off driving like a saint from his sisters on my way to a party that we were co-hosting (we went hard) the suns just got done setting and its starting to get dark out once we get there, and my buddy is really really messed up after a few more beers and a little more vodka along with some non too helpful CHUG CHUG CHUG requests he starts puking and then finally makes his way back to the truck to smoke some with me and tell me with wide eyes that this is the most fucked up he’s ever been hands down and im feeling pretty damn crazy myself. Next hour turns to hell for him I was fucked up but I think since he took more alcohol or had a emptier stomach or something it effected him a lot more than me.. he ends up screaming THE WEEDS LODGED IN MY ASS HOLE MAN OH GOD AND I CAN’T SHIT then the party finally starts winding down he goes and sits in the truck on the verge of tears blubbering stuff I don’t understand all i catch between words is my asshole man my asshole haha im too fucked up too think I know I gotta get him back home tho and he lives in a cop infested area unlike me so fuck.. i wait a good while then start the truck and he begs me not to go.. I was a little too mean back then and slammed into R and spun out onto the dirt road.. don’t go man don’t go I start slowly going along I tell him were not moving and he says fuck u man fuck u i know you are.. so I stop periodically to let him cool down.. its kind of working I work my way back to MY house which isn’t that far away and tell him to shit here or your going to shit in the truck.. then he says NO MAN NO MAN NO MAN I don’t want to break your toilet man this is the biggest turd ever man.. hahaha im so worried I stumble into the house grab some toilet paper say fuck it gotta get you home i’ll pull over so u can shit later.. i don’t think he’s going to make it to his house without unloading.. we make it to the main highway start going along smoothly all of a sudden I hear cop sirens OH FUCK OH FUCK I ask my buddy if he hears them and he’s like OH SHIT I DO TOO im about to shit myself aswell now I look in the mirrors I see nothing no one in sight on the entire road…
    but I keep hearing the god damn sirens and then all of a sudden the MRRRR sound from the ambulance on grand theft auto 4…. forestory here me and my buddy PLAYED A TON of GTA4 back then and before we left for college we got our fill.. so we were hearing the stupid ass cop sirens from gta4 and the ambulance that would occasionally go by in our heads haha, we were tripping hard but I finally managed to get us to his place I instantly go to bed on his couch.. wake up in the morning to take a piss and theres this monster turd sticking out of the toilet hahaha I fell on the ground laughing so damn hard I pissed myself.. it took like 4 containers of draino and the plunger and god willing to get that monster down the toilet biggest turd ive ever seen in my life bar none.
    Great times

  • Bodie Muir

    first time geting stoned. i was with my girl at the time and an old friend. so we went to my buddies house went in the back yard and fired up a bowl(out of his dads gay rainbow metal pipe).well we decide we would go to the park down the street and chill. Well my buddy lost contact with his brain for a minute and asked me what date time and year. well being stone i told him it was the year 3000 and he had to eat bark it was the only thing left. Well me and my girl(at time) laid back and relax. my buddy went in to the women’s bathroom and then came out and was screaming there’s no urinals in the men’s bath room. Well after coming him down we brought him over to the women’s bathroom front door and pointed at the sigh and spelled out w.o.m.e.n. Well he pointed at the sign and spelled m.e.n (he was wrong).we thought nothing of it so we sat down and started to relax well he cam out of the women’s bathrooms screaming I’m going home to call the police because someone stole all the urinals in the men’s bath rooms. We couldn’t have that so i scream at my buddy dude you wont a shine penny. He came running back. I was kinda fucked because i didn’t have a penny so i faked it. he looked at his palm and said I cant see it and I cant feel it but I know its there it was great. Next thing we know his dads driving by and he remembered it 1000 years in the future and all he could think of is how messy he room would be 1000 years old. So he rain home and later i showed up at his house and he open the door and he looked like he just woke up. I asked him if he remembered anything nothing i laughed so hard it was the first and best stonie time in my life so far

  • Leonard La Paz

    me and my bros were on a band trip one time with the school and we had purchased a sack of ganja. the whole trip was chill we smoked about every night and only one of my bros was sketch

  • Kayla Elizabeth-Leigh Manciu

    One day me and some friends got really baked we were sitting around being high as balls and we were trying to figure out somethings to do. We had previously planned this out but we figured we could just steal it now so we did. We went to this ladys house who had many wooden cutouts of animals and such since she had a bunch of cutouts it wouldn’t matter if one was missing. We could have gotten a dog or a bunny or something of that short but all we wanted was the cow with the broken leg. So we took our wire cutters and cut him off the fence held him high above our heads and took off running until we got to my house. We then named him Dale. Dale is the best cow ever he sits with us everyday as we toke up he even has a joint of his own. so after we had taken dale home we toked up some more for the welcoming of our new bestfriend.

  • Dan

    Ok so when I was about 15 years old, I was stoned and had the munchies. I placed 7 strips of bacon on a flat pan and turned the flame up high. Then the phone rang in the living room. I walked out of the kitchen, leaven the bacon to cook as I answered the phone. It was my dad! OMG i got paranoid that he would know i was stoned so i concentrated on acting sober on the phone, and forgot about the bacon. After about 5 mins, I looked up and saw an orange light flickering from the kitchen. I put down the phone and walked into the kitchen to find the pan in flames. I picked up the pan and put it in the sink and opened the faucet on it. BOOM!! the flames went up around my face, singed my eyebrows and caught the curtains on fire. I then proceeded to suck water into my mouth from the faucet and spit water all over the curtains. After I got the fire out, the house was filled with smoke and i went back to the phone and explained to my dad what happened. He said “What the hell is the matter with you?”

  • Grant Linderman

    So I used to have this badass ball python and he was named him Reefer cause guess what? That mofo loved weed just as much as me! He was the most mellow snake I’ve ever encountered btw… But we would just be chilling smoking and he would come up by our mouths waiting for a hit! We got stoned with Reefer all the time until I had to sell him and then his new owners let him escape and the cop that found him took him home cause the squares didn’t claim him.. At least he got a decent home… with a pig though… man I miss that snake…

  • J Fablyfe Escobar

    My stoned story starts out being a session in the backyard with friends within hours of smoking i started to feel very weird. My whole facebook became negative and anti supportive of my music when im like the number 10 entertainer in my whole city. The end result is i sit there questioning reality as souljaboy lil b lil flip and many other celebrities are talking shit to me publicly. I was so high that i didnt realize for like 2 and a half weeks anonymous has hacked my newsfeed ad bar and suggested and sponsored ads. I mean its so obvious to me now. but at the time i was going bat shit nuts. Like looking out the windows for people with beef . Talking massive shit back and forth with a hacker. Smoking more than i ever have. In the end i almost went insane and i dont even think they have stopped hacking my shit. I just laugh hard now when i pick up the phone and hear clicks and beeps like they are monitoring me. Probably are for all i know. but the best part about it is how through all of it i am just smoking out of my hisi in san diego enjoying my high as they try to scare me with so many stupid events.

  • Young Teddy Locs

    Stone r Story : True Event ~ Top Shelf Blue Dream Sprinkled with Top Shelf GSC ICE Wax Keiff ~ Hunter Moore – Story Title – Reno or a Dream? OK this Story Take’s place 11pm a Cold Foggy September Night! Pay day for both me and my Com-padre Hunter Moore. So our night started out Excellent. First Stop Quick Stop – Main Street Woodland CA we had to pick up TheOrc Survival Pack, Two 24oz Four Loco’s, 2 pack Swisher sweet’s the ones that come 2 for a dollar witch total up too Four blunt’s, 2 Big Red bull’s for my Driver, 2 Bottle Water’s for the cotton Mouth. for those of you who don’t know Hunter Moore he is the founder of IAU – well if you know the guy you know he is a casual special occasion type of smoker, and me I’m a every day Heavy Indica Smoker Heavy Purple Kush Blower Cannabis connoisseur, so when im high one threw ten , ten being the highest! when I’m at a 10 he’s at like a 25! So we gas up hit the road, were off the night goes on. were about half way’s there one four loco down and I Start To Roll The Blunt. I Like My Blunts Chunky. I don’t brake my weed up super fine like a grinder. I like to leave it kinda Nuggy I feel like the flavor come’s out more. I leave it chunky and I roll um tight like a Real woman’s vagina. I also take off the leaf! I feel it’s also better for flavor. So I roll up and spark it! Boom! were listening to The Weeknd “The Morning” That Song Slap’s!!! awesome beat dude has a bad ass voice! Well were super bombed out felling great the Night was going good the flavor Medicine was great! well if anyone knows blu dream I Had Dj Short’s Blu Dream and let me tell you that’s the real top shelf blu dream right there! It taste like blue berry pie or blue berry cereal the flavor is amazing! well to make a long story short were super stoned out of our mind’s and Hunter Moore gets a call from his agent fbi shutting down his site so he starts freaking out the nights ruined he wants to turn around and go back home, so we pull over i hop out take a piss, hop back in and we hit the road thinking were going back home! were so stoned we end up still driving to Reno the night turned out great we left with like $1600 dollars that night, ate a bomb ass breakfast at the Purple Parrot Peppermill Resort Spa Casino bad ass Casnio let me tell you….. Well That Was Our Amazing Stoned Night I hope The Fan’s Enjoy this story and i hope all my 420 cannabis connoisseurs love this and support me on winning this bong! would make a lovely collection. Shout out To @twitter svmcr420 keep doing what your doing cant wait for your next review if i win this bong will do a video review and a live smoke session@ Hunter Moore’s studio will also take live caller’s maybe Freestyle Session Cypher after! will See Too Be Continued.

  • asaprickky

    So me and my friends were smoking a blunt at a lounge one time and we were drinking before that so we roll up to the lounge I buy my weed and while I’m doing that my friends are rolling the blunt and by the time I got over to them it was ready , so were smoking and towards the end of the blunt one of my friends starts saying there I’m good I can’t hit it anymore and we tell him come on don’t be a little girl you gotta finish this , he keeps smoking with us and he starts saying he feels like throwing up and he finally threw up a little bit on his sweater while we were in the lounge and he looks at the vomit on his sweater and tells us can you tell I threw up , with a biggo wet spot on his sweater haha