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Attic Mishaps

So back when me and my friends first started smoking we were smoking a bowl in this attic area connected to my twin brothers bedroom. We entered through a little door in his closet and inside is where they started building another bathroom and stopped i guess. So were in this little room smoking while my moms downstairs cooking and my grandmas asleep downstairs in her bed. We start to hear my mom coming up the stairs so, being high, we turned off the lights and acted like we weren’t in there. We hear her go back downstairs so were thinking oh we’re good. Then we make the decision to exit after we’re all good and stoned and for some reason the idea never crossed our minds to turn the light back on. So my friend Matt leads the way, except his path is flawed. He walks through the dark straight past the little door, and straight off of the platform. His journey ends when he realizes hes laying in bed next to my screaming grandmother with a huge gaping hole in the ceiling of her bedroom. He bolts and my mom comes storming up the stairs yelling “What the hell was that sound?!” We’re all lit so we pull the old pretend your asleep game. It may have worked, aside from the fact that there was an 8 foot gaping hole in the ceiling where Matt fell through and my friend Taylor thought it would be a good idea to act like he was asleep by sitting in my computer chair and resting his face across my keyboard. In the end, we somehow got away with it without my mom catching us smoking weed. I miss those day now sitting at my desk in my college home.