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Best Edibles Ever

In 2010  there were dispensaries everywhere. I  remember it was an amazing thing going into all these different shops and choosing from their very different selections. One of these shops that I would frequent would have a sale on soon to be expired edibles. I received them free with my order and when I went home I ate both cookies. Several hours later this groggyness hit my like a ton of bricks. A ton of bricks that would rest on my body and leave me incapacitated.

The next day I knew immediately that I had to go and purchase all of these ridiculously under-priced edibles. Of course they were sold out. It was about a month later that they had a fresh batch in. I didn’t have much money and the budtender saw my disdain at the new price hike to $10 a cookie. She gave me 2 for $10 which was still twice as expensive as they were before. I get back home and end up being placed in the position to feel obligated to sell my cookies to tourist, so I do, for $20. I go back to the shop and the owner is now budtending and remembers me from when I can back telling him about how much I loved the cookies. I told him about how the price went up and it blew because they were pretty much out of my price range for edibles. He then gave them to me for the original price. I got 8 cookies for $20. Went home, someone else was asking about them and sold 2 more for $20. So now I’m feeling awesome. I got twice as much money as I had invested in the cookies and on top of that I had 6 more cookies.  So I did the only sane thing there was to do. I ate all 6 cookies.  I ate those cookies around 2pm on a Tuesday and fell asleep around 4pm unable to move at all. My body was just completely incapable of relaying the impulses my brain was sending it. I woke up and it was pretty dark. I thought it was probably like 4am. It was really…. 11pm…… ON THURSDAY! I had slept through Wednesday completely.

Thanks for reading this since there was no real big punch line you may feel ripped off by the length of the story. At least it was an honest one though.  Half of these stories are pushing the boundaries of believably. haha. That dispensary would be shut down for (what i heard) was money laundering. I would later meet up with the owner again who told me those cookies were made by an older woman in San Fransisco who used a slightly heated 2ton press to extract the oils that she used to make her edibles. He hadn’t had contact with her rep in months. Thanks for reading, sorry I didn’t proof-read it! lol