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Big summer contest on smokewire, how to win a percolator bong

Its easy to participate. Just submit your stoned story and leave the rest to the community.

Winner: Story that gets first 150 likes on facebook.

Contest starts on 20/06/2012 ends on 31/08/2012

Submit your story and share with your friends, collect as much likes on facebook as you can and win this beautiful 14.5 inch  percolator bong:


Second and third place are going to be awarded as well! We care about you folks!

Second place: a very popular product among our users, the bong mask :)

Adjustable gas mask with acrylic bongs in various color, you can chose color.

Third place: a shiny small bubbler with 2 chambers, piece of art :)

color chaning 2 chamber double bubbler, colors can vary

You  want to participate?? OK,  just click on: Submit Stoned Story link, its on your right hand side, top of page. Go ahead with your story.

For all questions related to this contest please use the comment section bellow.

Thanks and good luck to all!

Important notice: Only real likes will be considered users who try to send fake likes will be banned from contest.

  • Zach Blair

    So how do you know who submitted each story? There isn’t names or anything.

    • yanpas

      I am sorry for late respond…people actually like to be anonymous when it comes up to stoned stories ;) so we want to keep it like this.
      From our past experience and once we announce the winner we will get an email for the story owner :) that is how it usually happens.


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  • Dick

    how do you know posted what story I never put my name anywhere

  • Farmer T Dizzle

    Who won the contest? I looked at all the posts and I believe I received the most likes…

  • Smokwire HeadShop

    Guys and Gales sorry for delay!

    Winner (percolator bong) with most likes, story:

    Unfortunately other stories were not shared much among facebook users, STILL we want to giveaway what we promised. The other few items will go to the most longest stoned stories:
    - second place and gas mask bong to:
    - third place and a double bubbler:

    Extra gift a glass bubbler for this nice story:

    To authors: please email us with shipping details so you can receive your items.

    Keep watching, we will come soon with new contest!