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Black Friday + Cyber Monday enjoy Cyber Weeks and big discount deals at smokewire headshop

Guys and Gals its time for another great discount on smokewire headshop. Get yourself a new model of glass HiSiEHLE bongsBIOHAZARDAMG, honeycomb bong, coil bong and many more. Check out the world # 1 online headshop  for Cyber Friday deal – 10% OFF for all models. All orders are shipped from USA CA through FedEx ground or express, whatever you prefer.

No discount code just check out and get 10% discount, Black Friday 2015!

From 27 Nov until 30 Nov 2015 Cyber days :)

Did you miss Black Friday? No worries!

Cyber Monday now and until 10 Dec 2015

15% OFF on ALL products!!!

FREE Shipping FedEx Ground during cyber days on all orders above 200 usd!

Spread the word about these amazing discounts and be ready for more good deals…Christmas is coming ;) Visit site

Stay tuned, BEST deals at smokewire for incoming Holidays!

biohazard honeycomb bong            perc honeycomb bong 12"

Lot of bubbles :)



  • Sarah Marie

    the discount code is not working

  • Sarah Marie

    the discount code is not working just yet

    • yanpas

      It worked for a whole day, we actually had quite a lot of discounted orders. Feel free to email support AT smokewire DOT come if you have any question. 

  • glasspipesOnline

    2015 Black Friday NO discount code necessary, just check out and get 10% OFF.

    • smokewire

      Exactly! We just made it easy, just place your order and black Friday discount will apply to your order.