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Craziest Night Ever

I am at one of my buddy’s house (not really a buddy, I was bored). His house completely blows, but his parents were out of town. So I’m stayin’ the night there. It’s me so I always have weed. I had two ounces of Purple Kush and an ounce of Maui Wowie. He had like an 8th of some shitty ass weed. I’m over there thinkin’ I’m gonna be bored all night. I sure as hell wasn’t gonna match with him. I kept mine in my car. Anyways; his brother and his brother’s friend come over… and they smoke! They have some dank weed too! Yes! I break out some kush and we start smokin’. My “buddy” wants some drink. He calls up his cousin and she takes her grandma’s car over. She is only 20 so he goes with her to get a big ass bottle of vodka. She has weed tpp! We’re drinking screwdrivers and takin’ breaks to smoke. I eventually pull out a whole ounce of kush. The night goes on, I don’t remember much except drinking with smoke breaks. We have a lot of weed, over a quarter pound. We taking smoke breaks and his cousin starts flirtin’ with me. I end up poppin’ one of her toes in my mouth and sucking (I was high as fuck and don’t remember doing this). I must of hit what she liked because it was straight to the bedroom. I’m 16, she’s 20. I’m in paradise. She sucked me and all kinds of shit I’ve never experienced. I ate her, we screwed. Next thing I know my buddy is beating on the bedroom door in the morning around 10:30. I’m butt ass naked in HIS bed with HIS cousin. He doesn’t know, yet. It’s my mom on the phone… FUCK! She’s telling me I need to be home in an hour. I get all my shit packed up. My “buddy’s” cousin hops on me and starts riding me. In the corner of my eye I see my “buddy” walk in. He starts screaming and he’s throwing up everywhere from being so hungover. We put our clothes back on and I figure I should go. I run to the bathroom and take a piss. Then, I see a fuckin’ huge hickey on my neck. It went from my ear to my collarbone. My family likes to swim a lot and i have some of the strictest parents in the world. It’s black and purple. Just a terrible hickey! I go in his parent’s room and throw any kind of cover-up on me that I could find. I had that bitch of a hickey for four weeks! I went swimming so many times. Somehow I hid it from them. Now that I’ve got a steady girl somehow my mom will notice a little red spot on my neck! I haven’t talked to my “buddy” to this day.