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First Ever Gravity Bong Rip.

so a little while back when i had just started smoking, i was at my friends house who was a gigantic stoner. we were walking through the park with weed and then my friend remembers that he left one of his “gravity bongs” in the bushes. so we go out looking for it and finally we find it. it was a gatorade bottle with a hole at the bottom and a bowl piece in the cap. so my friend fills it up with water and tells me that i go first because it was my first time ever doing a gravity bong. i started lighting it and then it finally came time to hit it. I unscrewed the cap and took the biggest hit of my life. after i took it i was literally coughing for at least 10 minutes. and by this time the world was spinning and my vision was flashing, when all of a sudden we she a sheriff and all start running. I dont no how many of you have ran from a cop high, but all i can say was it was the scariest thing ever. next thing you no we are running down block after block trying to find our way back to my friends house. as soon as we got to the intersection we see a black suv with 21 inch rims and a car full of scary looking black guys. normally i wouldnt have freaked out, but early before we hit the gravity bong me and my friends decided to ghetto stomp someones door. (if you dont no what that is, it is where you go up to someones door and stomp on it several times) and the house that we did it to had that car out in front… then the people in the car saw us they jumped out no questions asked and started chasing us. i honestly felt like i was running at the speed of light. i could feel the adrenaline course through my veins as we were running. sooner or later somehow we had out ran then and ended up back at my friends house and soon after crashed on the couch. well that concludes the story of when i took my first ever gravity bong rip. in the words of the late great nate dog… HeyyyeyyyeEYEYyyyEYYYY, smoke weed everyday.