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Gas Station Stoned Moment

I just got done taking 8+ big bong rips when this happened, and I went to the gas station to buy a drink and some scratch tickets. All I had was a couple of dollars in change that I was paying with. (I’m sure most of you stoners have been at that point before hahah) She tells me the total and I start counting out the change in my hand, and there were just so many dimes and nickles that I kept losing count every time I got somewhere close to what I owed.

I was standing there for at least 3 minutes just staring at my hand concentrating as hard as I could, then the lady working says, “Why don’t you put the change on the counter and we’ll count it out together?” Now keep in mind that my eyes a red as ever right now, I look at her and put the change down. She starts counting the change out loud dime by dime, nickel by nickel, and I start counting it out loud with her cause I was so blazed and I thought that’s what she wanted me to do. Once were done counting the change she says “See, that wasn’t too bad.” and I reply with “Uhhhhhhh thanks” in the most stoned sounding way while looking her right in the eyes.

The second I got out of the store I started busting out laughing for at least 10 minutes.