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“Goodmorning Beautiful,”

When i was 12 years old i met a 15 year old boy who was in high school, being so young I instantly became attached to the kid. As the years went by i slowly fell harder and harder for the boy. Once turned 14 we started dating. We dated for a little over 2 years when our relationship took a turn for the worst. He was preparing to go to college in another state. After many long fights things got so out of hand that the mother of the boy sent him down to Indiana to live with his dad. 3 weeks went by and there was no communication between us until one day he texted me which was followed by many late night phone calls back and forth.

Soon i couldnt wait any longer to see him, so i went out in the garage at 11 pm and stole my moms car and made the treck 2 hours out of state. On my way down their i proceeded to get high as giraffe pussy, because i was so nervous to see him. Once i was 30 min away i started to notice that i was low on gas with no money what so ever, i frantically grabbed my phone and called my “lover”. He reassured me that i would make it to his house and once i got there he would give me money for gas to get back home. I calmed down hungup the phone and continued to smoke a bowl. Then i approached a toll road, with no money to my name i quickly panicked. I called the boy again and he told me to get a ticket and that he would walk to the toll booth to pay it because he lived right by the exit. Everything seemed to be falling into place and the time of us apart was slowly dwindling. As i was pulling away from the toll booth where i had grabbed my ticket i looked in the rear view mirror too see some pretty red white and blue lights flashing. FUCK! i started to panic.

Here i am, 15 years old, in Indiana at 1 am, with a quarter on me 2 hours away from home. The cop walked up to my door and instantly i started to tear up. “How are you doing tonight?” the cop asked. I quickly fumbled through my mind every possible excuse i could come up with. “Uhm well you see im lost coming home from up north and ive taken the wrong way abounch of times and im not sure which exit im supposed to take?” i replied. The officer looked at me and then with a kind smile he pointed me in the right direction and told me to have a good night. Thank god i had been crying because my eyes were kicked! After i soon reached the toll booth where i was to pay. i pulled over and parked and called the boy. He didnt answer.

I started to blow up his phone and he still wouldnt answer. After 30 min. of sitting and no response from the boy i started balling my eyes out. No gas no money for tolls and no way out of Indiana. Suddenly my phone rang, it was him. when i answered the phone my heart dropped. On the other end i could here the boy and his father fighting and screaming. Things were breaking the boy was crying the father was screaming. I sat and listened in horror as i tried to come up with a plan to get out of Indiana. I hung up. The boy was my only way of getting money to get back home and now im stuck on the side of the highway with no gas or money in a different state at 3 am.

And just as i thought things couldnt get any worse a cop rolls up behind me. “Is everything ok mam?” the officer asked me. I looked at him in sheer terror and blurted out my last excuse that i was lost and out of gas and that my mom was on her way to meet me. The officer apologized told me to have a good night and left. After the police left I frantically went through my phone trying to find someone that i could call when i came across one of my best friends who had just moved only 40 min away from where i was. When i called he answered right away and his voice sounded like god to me. He got in his car and drove to meet me. As i sat and waited i proceeded to get absolutely faced in hope that it would lighten the mood. Once he got there we drove to a gas station filled up my car and i started on my way back home.

At the time my friend had only brought me $20 thinking that it would be enough when in reality it only got me an hour till i was on E again. I quickly called my friend again and he came and met me again but this time he brought his credit card. He filled up my tank all the way this time, I smoked him down like 4 bowls, gave him a huge hug and we both went our separate ways. I had at least an hour left to go till i made it home it was already 5 am and i was more then exhausted when my phone abruptly reminded me that it was dieing. Of course, the last thing i need right now is my only way of direction home dieing. I quickly wrote down the directions to get home and hit the petal to the metal. Once i was 30 min away from home, my mothers name came across my phone. In full panic i ignored her first call, then i answered. “hello..?”… “WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!” my mother screamed into the phone. Fuck… i explained the story to my mother and she simply told me to get my ass home. Apparently my dad had a business flight at 5:30 am and when he walked outside to leave he saw that the car was gone. Just my fucking luck. When i arrived at home my mother scolded me took my phone, computer, life, ect. and sent me to my room. 2 days later I awoke to find the boy i drove down to see laying next to me with a freshly packed bong and a halfzip sitting on his laugh. He simply looked at me and said “Goodmorning Beautiful, would you like to hit this bong?”