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Halloween Highnest

It’s was Halloween me and my 4 friends was walking around on the East-Side we stopped in this alley and smoked a 40rty piece we had smoked it we were so high we starting doing bad shit we started jumping on cars and 1 of my friends was about to steal a soda becuase we was thirsty and we had no money so we were outside and we were talking saying go steal the soda and when I was waiting I heard people running and screaming I turned and see people getting on the floor and I was like Wtf? and then I looked in front of me and I saw this Jeep I saw something coming out the window it’s was a paintball gun they shot it and they shot me 2 times on my chest I dropped and i looked at my chest and it was a big ass bruise i got up becuase I saw them come back around and i jumped over the bush they almost shot my friend in the face then we ran in the store and hid in there for 10 min the store owner was so nice to let us in and when we was about to leave we stole the soda.

  • Badd Niqqa Nate

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