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“i feel like a noodle, drifting away”

Alright so me and a bunch of friends were just chillin at my friend georges house, then some kid knocks on the door telling us that he wants to smoke for the first time and that he’ll picth in. which was fucking weird cuz we didnt even know the kid ! anyway, he seemed chill so we invited him in and we pack 3 huge bowls and he smokes through the bong and this is his first time ever so i couldnt imagine how high he was feelin after his 5th hit throught the bong. so after like 2 minutes he started freaking out so we tryed to calm him down so we sat him on the couch and once he started to relax he kept going on on how high he felt, “i feel like a noodle, just drifting away through the air” we all started laughing soo hard ! hahaha so after like 20 more minutes he said he wanted to go home but he told us he forgot where he lived !!! so we walked him to the school a block away and we were asking him which way he thinks it is, and he kept pointing in different directions. it took 3 hours to find his house!! 3 HOURS ! and only to find out it was across the street. so we walk him to his house and wait in front, and he walkes to the door and knocks and finally when his mom answers, he tells his mom “im sooooooo high right now ” then she slaps him in the face and startes yelling ! i have to admit, i felt pretty sorry for the kid but hey it was his first time and i guess the ganja does affect everyone differently.

  • Poncho Bittersweet

    Man dude thts freaking crazy and funny man thx for the laugh