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I got high in Spanish.

So the beginning of last summer, I’m hangin’ out at my house around 7 on a weeknight by myself and figure I’ll go smoke on the roof, cuz, ya know, I can. So I pack a nice bowl and head up to the roof. I blaze while listening to music and watch the sun set, all quite nice. Then I realize my stomach has been singing the song of its people pretty much the entire time – commence emergency Burger King expedition. I get into Burger King and probably spend five minutes looking at the menu before I finally decide what I want. So I go up to the cashier and begin to order. The cashier in question was Hispanic, and during my order another Hispanic co-worker comes up behind her and says under his breath, “mira sus ojos.” I had taken four years of Spanish in high school, so I knew that translated to “look at his eyes.” They both had little smirks and were clearly aware I was high. I started laughing and said “ahhhh tu sabes!” (“you know!”) Their eyes widened as they realized I spoke Spanish, then both broke into laughter as well. The second co-worker kept saying “ahhhh the munchies!” as he prepared my order. As I went to leave he handed me my bag with a huge smile and said “enjoy your meal buddy.” I thanked him and later realized he had given me extra fries with my burger. Good guy.