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me stoned off my ass

You know the firs time someone smokes weed the high you get? Well others say that you can never get that high again well thats not 100% true for me its not. Iv smoked and iv been higher the 2nd time after work one day I got myself a gram of dro I smoke from a mini bong so on after the first 5 good hits I was feeling good I thought what the hell I decided to smoke the whole gram took me 30 minutes after that gram I’m stoned because I started talking I thought I was talking to someone and all of a sudden I just start laughing for now reason at all one of my friends heard me and asked me who I was talking to and why was I laughing I was so high I couldn’t stop laughing and he knew what I’ve been doing he laughed at me and the next thing I knew I woke myself up out side on my back porch at 3am when I went back in my house my friend had told me that I smoked so much weed that I was talking to myself and he said that I though I was talking to the president and that I blacked out