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Midnight toker Halloween style

It was halloween of 2013, the night was cold and bitter. I shivered as the cool brisk wind hit my exposed skin. Maybe it was the wrong year to be cat woman I thought. My friends and I weren’t just looking for sugary candy but also lush green nugs. we could picture the warmth of the smooth smoke hitting our lungs, that is what gave us motive to stride to success.

Around 10 pm after we hit a few houses and mad candy, we decided to stop at a local dealers home to see if he had and cooky spooky deals for this frightful dark night. We continued to cross town when he could finally see his home lit up by a television through a window. No lights were on. We crept up to the front door and knocked nervously. The man we called “Waldo” at the time appeared through the window then proceeded to let us in. We sat down at some candy and warmed up a bit to the fact we were minors trying to score some weed. he had told us he had only some wax left but his hospitality was great and offered to share.

This was my first time smoking dabs. My life light up it seemed. My body began to hear up and become clammy. I felt as if I were numb, this was the best feeling I’ve ever had. That’s where my pot head days started. On a bitter Halloween night with my best friend. My passion for weed has only grown sense.