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My Bubbly Stoner Story

My story began on the first day I became a medical marijuana patient. I had gone to the local clinic to receive my first strain of medicine. It was called “Purple Trainwreck”. I had smoked 2 bowls out of my honeycomb bong I had purchased from Smokewire.

I had lots of dishes to clean after I finished using my medicine. I went to grab the dish detergent when I realized I had none! While I was looking for dish detergent I found lots of dish soap lying around. Assuming dish soap can clean dishes just as well as dish detergent, I filled my dish washer with dish soap. I turned it on and went back to my room. I looked at my medicine and noticed I was already running short. I then left my apartment and headed to another local clinic. I walked in my door and and walked to the kitchen and my WHOLE kitchen floor was COVERED in bubbles!

There was enough bubbles for me to hide in! It was a huge mess and I then realized why they called the medicine “Purple Trainwreck”.