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I am a MMJ patient now on disability after years of work I loved and could NEVER buy this. My previous quack prescribed medications that were contra-indicated for my severe PTSD, Depression, and Chronic Migraines (multiple concussions).

In February of last year I had my pharmacist print out 4yrs. worth of medications and planted my bony ass in the emergency ward, determined not to leave because I felt like I was dying. When I was seen, I was informed I was experiencing ”Serotonin Syndrome” and was, in fact dying. My health care did a 180.

I now am healing various body systems by using what used to be my pleasure, to treat my pain. I wish for that bong because after all I have put up with, I don’t want to hasten the appearance of any more lip wrinkles. I try and do my part for the cause and run a canna-community fb page. PpP Smokewire!