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Red Light

Ok, so one of the first times I got fershizzly baked with my chronic bros we hotboxed in his truck. This ol’ garbage a$$ hoe was in with us just moochin the marley, and so we said “F***k her! bros before sharing with ol’ garbage a$$ hoes!” lol that was our motto….so as i was taking the most splendid, gargantuan, intoxicating hit of the cherry-est, hairy-est bowl of God’s Gift……*ooooohhhh*…… friend driving pulled over the truck and said “adios, beotch!!” (like the way the black chick said it in “THE SITTER” lololol and then i was still getting mind-blown, 69-ed, and flying in the clouds that after 15 mins we started moving again, and I opened my eyes and said……. WHAT THE FOK MAN! THAT WAS THEEEEEEE LONGEST RED LIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!!! hahaha dumbass +420  Cool