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Skipping Lecture

So my freshman year of college my friends and I were having lunch together at one of the dining commons and we all 3 had the same lecture right after we ate from 1:30 to 2:30. We decided to skip lecture and go back to my room to pack some bowls and chill instead of going to class. We make it to my room, start smoking, and after our 20 minute sesh we started playing video games just to mellow out, but all of a sudden I glimpsed at the clock and it had the minute sign at 38 and completely serious I said “fuuuuuuck man we have to text our gfs now that were out of lecture” (cause no guy likes texting his gf while stoned and chillin with the homies) and my one of my friends was like “fuuuuuck we really do have to… Wait.” we all looked at the clock again and it said 1:38. At that point we started busting up, tears while we laughed, the whole deal. Classic high moment.