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Time for new summer contest at stoner stories sponsored by smokewire headshop. Submit your stoned story and win this nice coil bong: Contest starts today 1st July ends on 31 August. EASY TO WIN!!!! Story that receives the most likes will win. You must register now if you want to submit your story. Good luck to all!

W A I T!!! One more thing guys and gals. For every stoned story that you submit and after it gets approved…please be advised we don’t tolerate spam you will receive a discount code: 15 % OFF for every purchase on smokewire headshop. One story one discount code and a chance to win a smokewire coil bong. Can it be better then this? :)

Any questions regarding contest please comment bellow.

  • smokewire

    Just a quick update about contest, so far story with only 2 likes is leading …15 days left, so there is still enough time for everyone to win this contest, submit your stories :)

  • charles2407

    so one day i got high and i started thinking, “man, i havent listen to cypress hill in a long time, i should go out and buy one of their cd’s”. (Back in 1992 i had my car broken into and they stole my stereo. In my stereo i had the Black Sunday cd by cypress hill.) So off to the store i went.

    When i get to the store im looking all around for that cd and finally i find the only one left, kinda tucked away in the back; and it was on sale! So im thinking, cool, it must be my lucky day! So i pay for it, walk my high ass back to my car and drop it in the player. And oh, whats this? Sounds like

    B-Real is rapping in spanish! No wonder it was on sale all tucked way in the back. Way to go super high guy! Their was no way i was going to return it. If i did they would have known i was super high when i grabbed it! Couldn’t get enough nerve to put myself out there.

    Had to take a loss on that one.

    Note to self: Don’t buy cypress hill cd’s when super high.

  • Coke420

    The story with the most likes on Facebook wins right?

    • smokewire

      Everything counts, not only FB…tweets and g+

  • smokewire

    And here is the winner of smokewire summer contest:
    72 shares! Congratulation to smokyjoe and his nice story :)
    Please throw us an email to info AT and claim your price.
    Thank you all for participating and keep watching, new contest is coming!