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Smokewire gives away one EHLE bong and one 2 inch grinder

Hey guys and gals another giveaway here at smokewire. This time you can win a nice piece of glass produced by EHLE.

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HOW to win (simple):

1. Submit your stoner story (you must register first otherwise login to submit).

2. Wait before your story gets approved ( usually 24 hours)

3. Share your story (FB, g+ and twitter) among your friends as much as you can.

Last step is the most IMPORTANT one. Most shared and most commented story will win a very nice EHLE cylinder bong and a 2 inch smokewire metal grinder.

Winner will be announced on smokewire facebook page. Please like our FB page and click on get notification so you don’t miss a single giveaway and update. Winner will be announced on Friday, February 14 Valentine’s Day 2014. This is a great opportunit if you want to present somehting very cool to the most important person in your life.

One more thing: If you like to receive a BIG discount on all smokewire products please unlock locked content bellow (scroll down to the very button of this page).

Good luck to ALL!

Little bit about EHLE:

Ehle is a German company founded in 1949, today with more then 60 years experience this company deserves an important role in the glass industry. With remarkable new designs that are launched every year EHLE can proudly stand close to it’s biggest competitor, another famous  glass company from Germany: ROOR.

EHLE’s  biggest disadvantaged comparing to ROOR is that this German company is still without a physical presence in the United States. You can order some EHLE products directly from their online store but usually it takes quite a bit time before the package gets delivered and you will be probably charged for extra costs like customs, insurance etc.

For the most fancy designs you need to wait even weeks since these are not produced upfront in other words they don’t keep them on stock. Ehle delivers their products world wide but this company is more focused as a whole-seller company then a retail store.

If you look to get some nice EHLE models fast delivered to your house, of course discrete,  you can check somkewire. All items that you see online are stocked in our ware house and all are shipped from CA. You can chose home or express delivery, whatever your prefer. Home delivery takes from 4-5 working days and express only 2 days. Check out here you can find a nice pallet of remarkable designs including “MADE IN GERMANY”, “ARABESQUE”, “EHLEMINATOR” and many more. From more expensive designs to less expensive models. We have something for anybody.

If you have any questions please use comment section bellow.


  • Mary Ferlauto

    Hey guess looking for a place to put my story for the contest so i since this the only place for comments here goes. So it was a long time ago but I still remember two funny stoned stories, the first one I still do one once in a while. So it’s very late and I’m very mellow and I come to a stop sign and sit there waiting for it to turn green. Was about 1/2 hour before I snapped out of it. The seconds one will give you a chuckle. I was hairdressing in a barbershop and had just come in from a nice smoke. My next customer after I put the gown on him starts making these very fast hand movements under the cape near his private parts. Me being stoned jumped to the first conclusion and smacked him in the head with my comb while calling him a pig whipping off his cape only to find the poor man was cleaning his damn glasses.

    • smokewire

      hehe…very nice!
      Thanks for feedback! We just improved or site with few new features and functionalities. Now you can navigate easier to submit your story. You must become a registered member however in order to submit. Click on our Submit Story banner on the top right hand side and you will be redirected to login page.
      Thanks and good luck with last contest!

      • Mary Ferlauto

        I still can’t find the contest page. There is no Submit. story banner where you suggested.

        • Mary Ferlauto

          Finally found it. Should of done this before I

          • smokewire

            Finally? :) Well I guess its much harder to find if you are stoned :)

          • Mary Ferlauto


  • smokewire

    Winner mary1916, story:
    Thank you all for your submission.