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Some news and so on

I guess that this article will reside as a part of our blog that will not be read much :) comparing to stoner stories, funny and amazing stories submitted by our registered users. Still I find it somehow necessary to update smokewires blog with some important news that concern our customers and other community members. That said I still have to admit that our community is still not that big but we hope to make it big some day since we have great ideas and plans, but that goes outside the scope of this text so I will stuck with things that have been accomplished lately.

1. We have upgraded our blog with a new social plugin (piece of software), so each time after you like or share a post you will unlock a discount code that you can use at our online headshop, just like here:

2. We have lunched a community software few weeks ago, this is still in beta but you can see how it looks here: do you smoke weed? Its easy to participate just register yourself an account here become a part of our community, share ideas, make dates, receive discount codes, participate in our contests and many more or just hang around.

3. New payment processor integrated, its easy and safe to checkout at smokewire headshop now. More details please click:

4. End of big 2013 summer contest at smokewire, we will hold a contest every month from now one :) so there will be many more  give aways on smokewire, keep watching!