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smokewire honeycomb bong and scales

I had ordered a Smokewire honeycomb bong and it arrived 3 hours before I had to start a new job. I figured that I could manage to do the job high, since I had many times before, and it was a job as a cook so it didn’t need too many brains on hand. I packed the bowl with some Cheese that I had and got stuck in.

The hit was deep and the first hit made me cough my lungs out. Settling into a rhythm I had another few hits and by then I was totally baked. With time to spare I got ready for work and left. By the time I got there I was so high I could hardly think straight. I was started on prep work and while peeling potatoes I thought it was a good thing I took those extra hits.

I got switched to weighing meat, which were supposed to be in 7 ounce piles. Instinct took over and being way too high thanks to my new Smokewire honeycomb bong, I started to weigh the meat into 7 gram piles instead. This went on for quite some time, until the head chef came up and asked me what was going on. I said I was weighing them into 7 gram piles like they said and he just looked at me, understanding at once what I was at. I noticed another worker behind him dying laughing as he listened in.

Since then I make sure to pay more attention when I am really high and understand that with a good bong comes a good high.

  • Greenman

    Just got one of these bongs myself and it is awesome, gives you a really lethal high, I recommend this bong to anyone who needs to get real high real quick.