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Smokewire steamroller glass gas mask bong review by Linda

Video Transcript

Hey, everyone. What’s going on? It’s Linda. I’m here again with something very cool. This is my little gas mask bong, or, I guess you would call it a “steamroller”. I got this from the lovely folks at, which is a cool little head shop online. They’ve got a lot of cool pipes and some interesting stuff like this. This is their glass gas mask. I don’t know, I keep feeling like I want to call it a bong, but essentially, it’s a steamroller because it’s got the open end here.

As you can see, I have a bowl already in there. It’s pretty self-explanatory how this works. I know some of you are probably curious as to how it does. If you haven’t seen one of these, this comes with a long strap that actually goes around, and then other straps that are adjustable for your head. Of course, I put them down somewhere and now I’m not quite sure where I put them, but me personally, I don’t like to use the straps, which is a good thing because you can remove them. I feel like I get a pretty good grip when I do it, when I hold the mask with this hand pushing it toward my face. As you can see on the inside, it’s shaped for your face. You want to breathe in from toward the bottom, because that’s where the smoke is going to come in.

It’s kind of interesting. It takes a little bit of getting used to. Your face kind of has to form an airtight seal, so you can’t breathe when you have this thing on usually, especially if you have the head straps.

Let me just show you how I use this.

Now, sometimes, when you don’t have a crappy lighter like me, when you light it, the bowl sometimes stays lit, which comes in handy especially if you’re smoking with more than one person and you’re handing it around. This can get you medicated quickly. It’s harsh, though – that’s the only thing. You want to breathe in as fast as you, of course, or as slowly as possible – however it works for you. there isn’t really a set way to do it.

Here, check this out again.

That was lovely and delicious. You can own this for about $70 or so, maybe in the $70-$80 price range. This is glass, and this is actually very easy to clean. I had been using this for a few days, and it got pretty dirty, and I cleaned it, and it looks wonderful. One tip, you might want to close your eyes, otherwise you get smoke in your eyes, and that can be a little irritating.

But yeah, you can go check out They have a lot of cool pipes and other devises, such as this wonderful glass gas mask steamroller bong-esque thing, whatever you want to call it. As always, check out my website,, and goes to my YouTube, and if you could spread the link around, share it to your friends and everything, that’d be wonderful, too. Also, still getting votes and all that for Ms. High Times, so if you would like, feel free to go to that site and vote for me as well. All of those links are at the end of my video in a couple seconds here, so just check them out, and I will see you guys soon. I have another video coming up very shortly, and hopefully, you’ll like it.

So, until then, see you guys soon, all right? Bye!