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Thanksgiving Day 5 double bubblers for free

Hey guys and gals here is smokewire again with a nice contents. This time we will choose 5 winners, yes 5 hot color changing double bubblers not only one :) Winners will be announced on  Thanksgiving Day 2013

How to enter? Well easy :) You have two options:

1. Either like our thanksgiving blog post (this one) or submit a comment bellow. Since you are already here this will be fast :)

2. Or, visit our fanpage and share our free thanks-giveaway post ( make sure to click get notification since we will announce winners through our FB page.

SHARING is CARING: Spread the word & share smokewires contest page.

Keep watching guys and gals lot of hot deals on smokewire until end of this year :)

thanksGive Away Bubbler

A tip for those guys who like to read and write: dont forget to submit your stoner story, whos know how it might be helpful.

Thanks once again and good luck to all!!!

  • ano210

    Man isure would like one of them bubblers :B

  • ano210

    your bongs are crazy kool!!!

  • Giovionna Vassel

    I’ve never smoked from a bubbler before. You guy’s bubblers look so cool. It would be nice to win one. I never win anyways, however they look hella sick.

  • Ray Fenner

    Just got My shipping number for this Great comp I won :) When I get it I will post pictures :)

  • tiffany

    I won the thanksgiving giveaway! And totally got a bubbler delivered to my front door! I was so excited! It is also my favorite color! You guys are the best! Thank you so very much

  • Ray Fenner

    Got My Bubbler it is way Cool ,came to My door faster than I thought :) Thank You :)