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The deer are making army formations!

It was the day before 4/20 2012. Armed with a bong and a few beers, two friends and I made the hour drive to the cabin my grandparents owned. We had gone all out and bought 80 bucks worth of the highest quality fire we could find.

It was approaching 1 AM and our all night binge was winding down. Now we were just enjoying the high sitting around the campfire. This was my friend Jim’s first time really experiencing the outdoors, so he hadn’t seen much wildlife in his time. When he noticed six deer a few yards away, he was in awe. As we watched them, things turned for the worse. Being high as a kite, the¬†stereotypical paranoia started to set in. As the deer looked at us, their eyes glowed white from our fire. But it was as if they had no faces at all, just white piercing eyes. They began to slowly walk closer to us. Jim was convinced they were making “army formations”. As they walked in their formated line, I retreated inside, mumbling “Nope. This isn’t happening”. After a few moments, Jim came into the house to give me some news. “Steve threw up man.” he said. Steve had become so scared by the demonic deers he vomited. This inhand, scared the deer away.

To this day, we still don’t quite trust deer.