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“whers my glasses’

So i had a huge party for my birthday a while ago’ and one of my friends came by… a very gullable friend…. poor bastard lol he hadnt been smoking long. Anyway, i had just got this real nice bong for my birthday, and we had gone through quite a large amount of a bag pretty quickly lol so i started telling my friend that you get real messed up if you drink the bongwater lol…. we all started laughing thunking he would not do it, but he picked it up and started slammin every drop of water in there. Next to him was a garbage bag that we had for beer bottles and cans and stuff. This bag was fairly empty….. so my friend brabs the bag and just starts throwing up terribly. He had been drinking a lot of beer so there was a good amount of puke in the bag. We are all laughing our asses off and then comes the icing on the cake lol my friend with this worried look on his face is like “Oh no…… where are my glasses” lol His glasses had fell into the bag while his face was in the bag. My friend as messed up as he was started fishing around the bag with his hand….. finds the glasses, puts them back on his face like nothing happened until i told him to go clean himself up lol he sat there for a good 15 minutes before he actually got up and cleaned himself up lol