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Yes Jesus? No JEsus? Maybe JEsus?

Ok so, lil bro wanted to try some of the good goody. acting all touch n such. I filled him up a delicious BOWL of pure kief CONCENTRATE collected from the finest flowers Cali can offer…..anyways, I gave him instructions as we sat in my car in the drive way around 2A.M. on how to use the hand pipe successfully. I must say, he did take an impressive first time hit. especially it being all kief. Before i knew it. he jolted out the door and started running towards the moon trying to capture it in his hands by lifting his arms up and squeezing his fist from open to close running at a pace of 5 MPH give or take. I tried to talk him out of it but it was like he was hypnotized. walking by his side away from my house i decided to carry him on my shoulder into my house so the rest of the crew can get inside and burn more buddddzzzzzz… Immediately, after entering and setting my bro down he run towards the dining room hanging light fixture which is just a plastic round bowl with one bulb in the middle, and just tilts the bowl towards his face blinding himself. This is the best part. He starts to murmor under his voice progressively getting louder after each rep. “YES JESUS” “NO JESUS” & “MAYBE JESUS” I let him give I and my buddies a good laugh that we all havent had in a while. He soon after snapped out of it and looked straight into my eyes with a dead serious face on asked me, “are you sure you dont need cabbage in you soup”. Thats where I started cry laughing. He was confused, I got hungry, and we all had a goodnight after.